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Core Capabilities


  • Does your current service provider handle your delinquent and charged-off accounts?
  • Do you have any concerns regarding compliance with your current provider?
  • Are you satisfied with your liquidation results, including back office and internal reporting support?
  • Does your service provider have additional industry expertise outside of debt collections?
  • Does your service provider offer full lifecycle pre and post collections and Asset Sale capabilities?

“I am writing this letter to thank you for the patience, courtesy and kindness your organization has displayed to me during the past several years as I paid off my Aspire/Alpha Recovery account.
Working with you and your representatives helped me accomplish my task easily – through assistance, patience and a lot of kindness.

No one wants to owe debts that are financially difficult to pay, often through situations beyond their control. Yet other companies have shown disdain, been accusative and sometimes rude to me.
Not Alpha’s staff. Alpha stands above them all. Your team of representatives help me set up a pay plan that I could afford; they never displayed anything but kindness and helpful assistance to me; and they never called to remind me to pay my bill.

I would recommend placing any financial business that I might have with Alpha Recovery Corp.
Please feel free with sharing this letter universally. A signed original of this letter will be mailed to you today.


-S. Brown –

“Good afternoon –

Since I don’t have G-mail to participate in your survey, I’m hoping this e-mail makes it to whomever is in charge of your customer service/account agents. I would like to express my “thanks” to your agent, Dan A. who has assisted me with my account. Dan has been nothing but accommodating and courteous while helping me pay off the debt I owed to Wells Fargo Bank. At no time did he ever make me feel bad about owing the money and he never demanded I pay more than I could afford. Dan was nothing but professional and I would like this e-mail brought to the attention of his supervisors and hopefully placed in his personnel file. This was the first time that I have ever had to deal with a collection agency (and the last I hope) and I was treated fairly and with respect.

Thank you for your time. ”

– Camille B –

“Please indulge me a brief recap of my situation. In 2003, my husband suddenly lost his job after having major hip surgery. We never saw that coming, as he had been with the same company for 33 years. When he lost his job we also lost our insurance and we were left with a mountain of debt and medical bills. I spent hours contacting all of our creditors, trying to make some type of arrangement. NOT ONE OF THEM WOULD WORK WITH US! We were advised to file bankruptcy, but we opted to put our bills, about $63,000 worth, into a debt management program. Within three years I had managed to pay off all but about four credit cards, all of them totaling less than $8000. Other financial difficulties got in the way of me continuing the program, so I had to drop out of it. Those remaining creditors, of course, placed us with collection services. For the most part we were treated kindly.

The bill that I’m paying off with you is almost done. The reason I am writing to you because I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel…. Although life has dealt many more setbacks, (my husband has been diagnosed with several heart problems and is now disabled) we have persevered in this regard.

What I really want you to know is that NOT ONE of your employees ever made feel like trash. They were never rude or demeaning. They were always willing to help.

I will always be grateful for the way I was treated by your company. You can check my file to see who your employees were that worked with me and know that those employees are good ones. Because I am sure you usually put up with a lot of grief from most of your clients because of the situation that they find themselves in, I felt it important to let you know how well I have been treated.

Thank you so very much and may God bless you and yours.”

– Jacquelyn J-

“Ladonna L. was the most impressive operator that I have talked to in awhile. She was kind, understanding, had phone etiquette, an she just shed her heart to me and my situation that I had gone thru this morning. Your company should feel blessed that you have her on your team because I feel she was on your team. Thank you again Ladonna L. for your kindness and understanding you gave me this morning and thanks for having a heart. ”

– Sabrina & Ken C –

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know about the service I received from Joe R. today. My husband and I acquired(for the lack of a better term) this debt because we moved in with his parents to help both financially and physically as his mom had cancer.

Joe was incredibly understanding and did what he could to help us reach an agreement. He was genuine, and made me feel more at ease while I was talking to him, rather than causing stress.

Thank you so much ”

– Jennifer L –


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