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Why Choose Us/The Alpha Advantage:

When selecting the right partner to handle your receivables there are many important factors to consider, especially industry and asset class expertise, leadership, performance, and compliance.

In order for our clients to accomplish their goals, Alpha provides the following services:

  • A client sensitive approach to collections
  • A dedicated client services department to handle any request that may arise
  • A management and collection staff that is client dedicated and result’s oriented
  • Strict adherence to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Graham Leach Bliley Act, and all state collection laws
  • Licensing and bonding in all required jurisdictions
  • Active recruiting and ongoing training to maintain the top collection staff
  • Use of the latest collection software available


Alpha Recovery has deep operational experience across many verticals having successfully serviced credit issuers, debt buyers and service providers in the financial industry as well as healthcare, retail, utilities and fintech products. Our forte is handling early stage debt; pre charge off, primary and secondary collections is what we do exceptionally well!

Alpha Recovery has assembled a team of professional, experienced, and detail oriented executives and managers focused solely on client performance, compliance, and customer service.  


Alpha’s senior leadership team is comprised of  ARM industry experts with stellar reputations for partnering with employees, clients and vendors to provide best in class service. With over 80 years of combined industry experience, Alpha’s team provides a unique perspective to an industry that is constantly evolving.  Individually and as a team we have led organizations to competitive excellence.

This desire for excellence permeates our company at every level.


Operational excellence is our standard, Alpha Recovery Corp. develops strategies that streamline our organization, benchmarks our performance and constantly increases our productivity for our clients as evidenced by our highly trained employees and top place finishes on client scorecards.  Alpha believes in using technology based analytics to maximize performance while continually focusing on compliance and overall integrity to reach the clients’ and Alpha’s goals.  

Our client services and accounting departments will make sure the focus is on the client and their needs.  Our team strives to be the gold standard in the industry so the client doesn’t have to worry if their requirements are being met on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.   Here at Alpha we understand that collections and compliance aren’t the only performance metrics that need to be met. 

At Alpha Recovery Corp. the client comes first!


Compliance is inherent to our company culture and one that is not taken lightly. We dedicate a great deal of time and resources to ensure our brand protection and that of our clients’. From hiring and training, work flows, physical and information security, vendor management and meeting client SLAs, our certified quality assurance policy and procedures are not only robust but rigorously tested and updated on an ongoing basis. 

At Alpha we don’t view compliance as a requirement, we view it as doing business the right way!


Since Alpha’s inception in 2010, we have been dedicated to providing our accounts receivable management clients with a customized operational approach for first and third party collections. We have focused our efforts on pre and post charge off portfolios in primary and secondary asset classes.

Pre-Charge Off Collections: Alpha is able to offer omni channel pre-collection solutions for slightly past-due accounts to augment or replace your internal effort. Calling on your behalf, our agents are an extension of your office, skilled at engaging your customers, negotiating payment and curing early stage delinquency.

Post Charge-Off Collections: These accounts may have been worked by your internal teams, and/or pre charge-off vendors then placed for recovery. Our compliance focused, dedicated teams utilizing our innovative contact solutions increase contact ratios and maximize recovery while maintaining protection of your brand.

Beyond quantitative performance, Alpha has a reputation for strong partnership with our clients.

Consulting Services

Based on over 80 years of experience with our management team Alpha Recovery Corp is uniquely positioned to offer consulting services regarding your accounts receivable pipeline. From early out to late stage collections our team can offer options that will make your collections program both streamlined and effective.

  • Collection strategies
  • Compliance
  • Back Office Strategies
  • Debt Selling/Purchasing
  • Portfolio Valuation

Our focus is making sure the partnership works for everyone, at every level! 


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